Office address:

(as of Oct. 1, 2018)


19415 Deerfield Avenue

Suite 213

Lansdowne, Virginia 20176


Phone: 703-724-9474

Fax: 571-346-1921

WE HAVE MOVED as of Oct.1, 2018

Dr. Chiantella has been seeing patients in the offices of Oncology/Hematology of Loudoun and Reston for the past year.  That practice has recently been sold to a corporate entity that manages only Oncology practices.  As a surgeon, she can no longer be located within that practice. Dr. Chiantella is therefore relocating back to the same office she occupied prior to joining the Oncology practice in October 2017. The new office opens October 1, 2018.

Dr. Chiantella remains a provider with Loudoun Medical Group.




At the present time due to the short notice regarding the need to move, we have not yet secured office space in either Reston or StoneSprings. Please bear with us during this rapid transition.


Dr. Chiantella continues to provide care and consultations for the entire spectrum of benign breast concerns, breast cancer risk assessments, in-office ultrasound evaluations and biopsies, and top of the line surgical care, as she has for over 29 years.



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