Office address thru Sept 18, 2020:


19415 Deerfield Avenue

Suite 213

Lansdowne, Virginia 20176


Office address as of Sept. 21, 2020:


19500 Sandridge Way

Suite 450

Lansdowne, Virginia 20176


Phone: 703-724-9474

Fax: 571-346-1921


Instructions for New Patients

If your New Patient appointment is on August 31 or later, please be advised that the office is converting to paperless online portal registration and documentation of your health history. We will walk you through that process!


If you are currently seen by another practice within Loudoun Medical Group, and you already have portal access, you will not need to re-register in our office. We will ask you to check and update your demographic and insurance information online via the Patient Portal before your visit. We will also have computer tablets in the office that will allow you to do the same on arrival.


If you are a current Loudoun Medical Group patient, and do not have a Portal account, we can assist you in setting up that account.


A portal will allow you, among other things,  to electronically message our office, which will cut down on the phone traffic and allow for more rapid responses to your needs (extremely helpful for you if you need a mammogram order, for instance).


Although we strongly encourage your use of the Patient Portal, it is not a requirement to do so. We still have lots of paper! 


I was never a big fan of these portals previously, but as a user now, I am convinced it makes your communication with the office more timely, cuts down on the time you need to do repetetive paperwork, less time in the waiting room (important right now in the COVID world!) and allows me as a provider to spend more of your time in the office actually with you.


This is a time of transition in the practice as we not only prepare to upgrade in this digital age, but also as we prepare to move into the new Comprehensive Breast Center in mid-to-late September! This website is being updated often as things evolve, please bear with us! There might be some hiccups along the way, but it will be so worth it!   ~~VC

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