Office address thru Sept 18, 2020:


19415 Deerfield Avenue

Suite 213

Lansdowne, Virginia 20176


Office address as of Sept. 21, 2020:


19500 Sandridge Way

Suite 450

Lansdowne, Virginia 20176


Phone: 703-724-9474

Fax: 571-346-1921


Instructions for Virtual Visits

Patients may use the telemedicine option for a virtual visit with Dr. Chiantella when she deems it an appropriate option for your care.


Using the telemedicine option means that you give consent for a video visit, which can not include a physical exam obviously,  so it is not as complete as an in-person visit.  The visit will be charged to your insurance.


Once your request for a telemedicine visit is approved, you will be put on the appointment schedule for a specific time, just as with an  in-person visit. We will then send you an email with a link and specific instructions, at the time you book your appointment. 


You must have a smart phone or a computer with a webcam in order to participate.

No download of any program or app is required.


The site used,, (Doc see me!)  is specifically designed for telemedicine visits, is HIPPA compliant, and is a much more secure site than using Zoom or FaceTime or other video platforms.


When it is time for your appointment, just click on the link in your email. The site will then tell Dr. Chiantella that you are in the virtual waiting room, and she will click to initiate the visit. It is VERY easy!


To keep things simple, at the present time we are only using for virtual visits, we are not using the Healow app on the LMG patient portal.



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